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Why Sourcing Products from China at Wholesale Price is Highly Profitable

Once Napoléon Bonaparte said “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.” China has truly wakened up. The country has become a decadent destination for importing different sort of products at an amazing rate. Forming openness and partnership between Chinese manufacturer and foreign companies can take any business to the next level. Chinese goods are prolific throughout the United States and Europe.

From mobile phones to shoes, computers to clothes and ships to toys, China has shown remarkable efficiency in making many things. The country has adopted a ten year national plan known as “ Made in China 2025”. The goal of this plan is to turn itself from a manufacturing giant into a world industrialized power.

Following are some of the main items U.S. companies import from China-

High quality clothing- China is a renowned for manufacturing top-quality knit wears such as hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, sports jersey, sweat shirts, sweat pants, shorts, polo shirts and many other items. The foreign buyers also source products like apron, jackets, beach shorts, work uniforms, jogging suits etc. China items wholesale products have huge demands in the American market as they come cheap with good quality. Delivery strictly as per schedule, most competitive prices and commitment to quality are the most outstanding features of Chinese knitwear garments.

Cement- Annually China produces 1.8 billion tonnes of cement. This amount accounts for the sixty per cent of the world’s supply. The enormous amount of construction projects going on all around the U.S. is powered by the superior quality cement imported from China.

China items wholesale

American flags- The symbol of America is mostly still produced in the United States. Even so, millions of dollars of flags are imported from China accounting for probably around 5 or 10 percent of the United States. The figure is astonishing and the flag market in America is surely one of the most lucrative one.

Electronic items- China produces more than 90% of the world’s total PCs. This translates to roughly 286 million units a year. China is also the world’s foremost producer of cell phones. China makes about 70.6 per cent of global mobile phones, 1.77 billion annually. Per-capita phone production is 10 times the average of other parts of the world. Over 70% of the cell phones used around the globe are manufactured in China.


Sourcing furniture items from China at wholesale price is immensely profitable. The furniture manufacturers from China offer their products for substantially low prices. From modern furniture to classic furniture, deco-style furniture to traditional furniture, the choice is simply limitless. Americans love the furniture manufactured in China because of their low price and long durability.

The numerous export firms in China enable the U.S. buyers to easily access the manufacturers of various types of products. Foreign companies can purchase goods from this country and offer them to their home market at a moderate price thus ensuring a good ROI.

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