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Ways to Use Online Portals Optimally to Sell Products from Chinese Suppliers

Small and medium business owners think that it is difficult to source proper agents in China. It is true, though, it is even more difficult to sell the products that you have sourced from suppliers from China. There are ways to sell products using the reputed online portals. Not everyone is an expert about selling online products; however, the ones that are experts can figure out ways to sell the products in tried and tested manners and also by using innovative ways. Whether one is a beginner or an experienced seller, here are some points that will always help them to get the work done.

  • Becoming a Featured Merchant If you wish to sell more on the reputed online platform, then you will have to become a featured merchant. Only featured merchants can access some of the special features provided specifically for them. If anyone has a good track record a number of high-quality products, he/she can become a features merchant quickly. Though, you might have to pay a token amount of money, but it will be worth it.
  • Create Lightning DealsThis is a promotional feature using which you will be able to market your products in a better way. There are various significant such tools provided on the online portals which is used in the right way can provide benefits to the sellers. However, there is a fee to use these features. So, if you cannot afford them, you can actually explore other options. When your sales are lifted, that will create a halo effect on the sales.
  • Begin with an Email ListUsing email list to promoting products is quite a tried and tested method of product promotion. Visitors always get something free for signing up with these websites. It could be something informational, it could also be something entertaining and something informational about a new product launch. Once, it becomes a chain, you can continue to add to the list and provide information on your products. Provide more value to people to convert them into loyal customers. You can also mail them coupons which will interest them a lot.
  • Give a SaleSale is a good time to promote products because people are most interested to buy products during sale. A limited-time discount on the products often creates lot of interest in people and also eases the seller’s inventory. The benefit of a sale is that the product to be put on sale is marked at the top of the page and customer can see it before buying, thus, making them more visible to them. This usually benefits the buyers.
  • Get Free PublicityFree publicity is powerful. The local news website is followed by a lot of people who buy products from the portal. They usually go through those local web news sites. If there is a story related to the business or your product, then that will generate interest among people. Potential customers might just be interested to know something more about the product, thus by reading that story they will come to buy the products from your website.
  • Group Your ProductsGrouping products help a lot. This helps in increasing the SKUs for your product line and thus enhance your exposure on the website. A bunch of items will definitely bring good customers than selling a single product. It will definitely improve on your sales and cash.
  • Do Some CharityThis is something that always receives public attention and helps in popularizing a product, company and also increases the brand value for the same. This is an amazing way of getting free publicity which is essential for your business and products. It also helps in creating goodwill.
  • Add More VarietySelling more variety of products also increases the chance of selling more and earning profit. Recreate the best seller with other colors, sizes and shapes so that you can have a greater variety of products. This is actually great, because they come under the same listing page and are easily visible to the buyers. This is the greatest benefit.

Your sourcing agent in China will never help you to gain so much information and knowledge about selling the products that you have sourced. You have to do your own research by reading or just by selling and learning the art.

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