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Proven Methods to Find a Trustworthy Sourcing Agent in China

Procuring products from China is an excellent idea if you want to avoid excessive manufacturing cost without compromising with the quality of the products. There are millions of China sourcing agent in the market and selecting one out of them is a serious challenge. You need to conduct their background check, identify whether they are manufacturers or trading companies and at the very end check if they are real or not.

Foreign companies can follow few proven methods to find a trustworthy sourcing agent in China.

Understand Your Requirements-
Your primary task in finding a reliable China sourcing supplier is to clearly know and understand your requirements. You need to understand exactly what kind of supplier you are looking for. You may choose a manufacturer other than a third party supplier.

Engage a Large Sourcing Agency-
It is often a good idea for the American companies to go for a large sourcing agencies in China. The obvious reason is large companies generally have a good reputation and brilliant track record. Although dealing with them may cost you more than the other small agencies, but you can be sure of getting right product at right time without facing any complex issues. These large firms are very conscious about maintaining their superior business image and offer prime importance to secure top-class satisfaction for their clients. By selecting them, you can be sure of one thing that you are not going to get duped or cheated. You can play safe with them.

china supplier

Do Some Preliminary Internet Research-
The easiest and most cost-effective place to start a search for suppliers in China is on the Internet. Search for potential wholesale directory listings of Chinese suppliers. You can streamline your search and increase the number of legitimate sources by filtering results for only those entries labeled as “gold member,” “verified supplier,” “on-site supplier,” or “accredited supplier.

There are many professional LinkedIn groups focused on sourcing in China:

  • China Sourcing Group
  • China Sourcing Forum
  • China Sourcing
  • China Trade Group
  • China Sourcing, Networking, Import, Export, Trading, Manufacturing

Don’t forget to check the reviews, comments of their previous clients. If the feedbacks are positive you can think of hiring them.

Check the Quality of the Product-
A key part of an efficient supply chain is having quality product all the way through it. If there a history that the suppliers have issues with the quality of their products, don’t even think of penning a contract with them. It is ideal to choose a sourcing agent in China according to your order size, desired level of support/expertise and product categories.

You need to have a good strategy for finding a good supplier. You can be sure that once you find a right sourcing agent, you can immensely grow your business prospects.

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