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Legit or Scam Chinese Wholesale Suppliers Online- Steps to Know

China has become one of the biggest wholesale products supplying market in the world. Of course searching Chinese wholesale suppliers online is a viable way to spot them. It has all the advantages of finding it from the comfort of your home or business even if it is situated at the other corner of the world. However, there are disadvantages involving risks like the company you want to work with could be fake. They could also be bad suppliers and there are limited ways to know about them. Some relief comes with the news that you are not alone; there are others who find it equally difficult to discover more about the companies online.

Verifying the China suppliers online involves two aspects:

  • The ability of the manufacturer to produce the promised quantity
  • Whether the company is legitimate and not a scam doing business

To solve such questions, follow these steps:

  1. Search Engines and B2B DirectoriesWhile checking the suppliers’ website; do not forget to check their policies, returns, damages and backorders. Also ensure to find out their physical address and contact information on their website. Use the terms like scam and dishonest directly on search engines to find out more regarding the company. B2B directories contain the company profiles and it is possible to find out more by reading the reviews. Navigate through irrelevant information and try to find out significant info on the tenure of the company’s establishment and operations. Many such B2B marketplaces offer verification facility which will definitely help in making the right decision. Participation of the supplier in various events is recorded online. Go through them. Repeated presence in trade shows is a good thing because it emphasizes on the fact that they cultivate long term relationships with clients.
  2. Use Contact InformationUse the contact information derived online to find out whether the supplier is a scam or not. Many a times Chinese wholesale suppliers do not provide authentic information. Hence, it is important to get the number and call up to find out whether it actually exists. Call up and ask about business license number and company registration number. In China, people buy multiple phone numbers and hence calling up at the landline is the best way to find out whether they are authentic. A regular Chinese landline no. Will begin with ‘86’ which is the country code.
  3. Ask for a SampleAsking for an online sample is possible with Chinese online suppliers of wholesale products. It is wise to ask for a sample to ensure quality and you can also want to check their reviews, testimonials and also ask for reference checks. Sometimes, companies want you to pay a charge for the sample check. They must provide the bank account in that case and if they cannot, be wary of their online presence. If they provide their audit reports online, go through that to find any possible discrepancies.
  4. Use the Government Database– This is a fantastic resource to spot scams. You can search through the database of Chinese Supreme Court and try to find out if the company name appears on it. If it appears on the database it implies that the company has been sued for certain malpractices. Unfortunately, the database is only available in Chinese and therefore you must get a Chinese sourcing agent to read it out for you.
  5. Money MattersThe payment method can reveal a lot about the company’s status. If you ask them to arrange for a pickup by your local Chinese agent, and opt for cash on delivery, you will know about their authentic status. Only legit suppliers will allow this and scammers will avoid it by hook or by crook. Authentic Chinese suppliers will accept Paypal payment along with Western Union, Money Gram and TT. Beware of using untraceable wire service transfers with suppliers you have not verified. The fraud level is very high in this.

Follow these steps to find out authentic Chinese wholesale suppliers online with whom you can do business without any huge risk. Finding online suppliers is easy and convenient, however finding authentic ones is dicey and you have to research a little to find them out from a huge database.

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