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How to Navigate the Complex Process of Sourcing Products from China

China sourcing China is the world’s second-largest economy and the country has an enormous impact on the American market. Major U.S. companies including Apple, Boeing, General Motors, Caterpillar and others have huge business interest with China. Over the past few years the economies of U.S. and the China have become more and more integrated.

In terms of the products available and likely costs involved, Mainland China has become more popular for sourcing offshore components. China has advantages when it comes to manufacturing over other countries. One reason for this is the experience and education the country has in delivering products that adhere to the rigorous standards that are required by both western legislation and consumers. Chinese labor is also significantly cheaper than other markets.

Key advantages of sourcing products from China

  • Super low manufacturing costs- Compared to US factories. You will save 10 fold sourcing overseas.
  • Choice – There are millions of products and thousands of factories to source from.
  • Increasing sophistication and capabilities- Many of China’s factories have improved a great deal with respect to manufacturing capabilities, efficiency, management sophistication, and customer service.
  • Wealth of materials- One of the best reasons to outsource your production line to China is the diverse amount of parts and raw materials available.
  • Higher output and quicker time- With its huge manpower, China can easily satisfy huge demands of the foreign companies in a quick time.
  • Customizable- Chinese manufacturers can customize products according to your instructions and likings.
  • Trustworthy salespersons- Chinese suppliers are good salespeople. They will put a sample in your hands and promise you that’s what you will receive. Everything looks easy.

Ways to find sourcing agents

  1. Search online- Google for “your product + supplier, factory or manufacturer + China” for sourcing a reliable China sourcing agent
  2. The main China based B2B (business to business) Platforms- There are many online directories that you can tap like the Alibaba, Made-In-China and GlobalSources these sites can provide you details on thousands of suppliers from China and the thousands of products from these suppliers.
  3. Trade Show- Canton Fair (China biggest international trade fair that held in the spring and autumn seasons each year, since 1957). These fairs include Electronic Shows with over 2,200 booths of suppliers, Gift and Home shows with over 2,200 booths of suppliers, as well as Fashion and Accessories shows.

Few people may find doing business in China because of its unique culture and different rules. But with the right kind of guile one can succeed penetrating into the difficult Chinese market and make a considerable amount of profit.

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