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China Import Strategies US Businesses need to follow

China’s dominance in global manufacturing is simply unsurpassable. China is America’s key trade partner and most of the goods that are sold in the American markets are ‘Made In China’. The US consumer market largely thrives on imports that are mainly sourced from China.

The primary reason why Chinese goods are ruling the American market is they come at a cheaper price and the amount of products sourced from China is quite likely to grow higher and higher in the future. Earlier it was only the low-cost and low-value products such as toys, home furnishing, etc. that US traders import from this country but over the times, high-value electronics gadgets and machines are included in the list of the importing products.

If you are going to think that any type of China sourcing will prove beneficial for your business then you are wrong. There are proven strategies that you need to follow in order to make your China import successful. Here is a glimpse of things you need to adopt while sourcing goods from China.

Figure out the products-

The most important element for a successful China sourcing is identifying the products you want to import. Choosing the wrong products will only end up in losing money and time. Closely research the demand, trend and the need of the consumers of your targeted market and select the products accordingly.


Categorizing the list of the products-

It is highly important to properly categorize the items you are thinking of importing. We have categorized them in the following way:

  • Car accessories
  • Toys, games and sports equipment
  • Plastics and their made products for decoration purpose
  • Vehicles excluding rails
  • Furniture
  • Iron and steel machinery
  • Electrical Machinery and equipment
  • Footwear and their parts thereof
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Apparels that are not knitted or crocheted

Inspect the legality of the products in the USA-

It is noted that most of the US businesses don’t have the clear cut idea about the products they are importing might be banned or prohibited in the USA or needed special license or permits from a federal agency before the item is allowed to enter the United States. Carefully inspect the legality of the Chinese items.

China is lending billions towards large-scale infrastructure investments and heavily investing in enhancing its manufacturing capabilities. For the US businesses, China is an important overseas manufacturing partner that holds the key to enormous success in the business.


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