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All you need to know about Responsible Product Sourcing From China

Because of cultural differences, contrasting political system and language barriers, China may seem to be a difficult place to do business. But this Asian country is still the best spot to source products at a reasonably affordable price. It is an ideal destination for importing top-quality and low-cost wholesale items.

Today’s China is totally different the country it used to be even twenty years ago. So many things have changed and the Chinese society and government have become more open and less rigorous. This country is undoubtedly the finest place for manufacturing, shopping and sourcing. You just need to come out with a flawless business plan and a reliable sourcing agent in China. Since the late nineties, China has been a source of affordable consumer products, both electrical and electronic.

Plan for new-comers-

New entrepreneurs and small/medium sized business owners need to keep it in mind that going with a competition with the already established companies will be a foolish act. Instead of indulging in rivalry try to pick a small niche to sustain your business. Chinese market has something for everyone you simply need to have the guts to exploit it fully and the knowledge to avoid few common China sourcing mistakes.

Here are some of the Chinese niche products-

  • Garments
  • Electronic Goods
  • Footwear
  • Furniture
  • Toys, Games and Sports Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Products

It is advised by the sourcing experts to avoid exporting food items from China as it may prove risky especially for the new entrepreneurs and small/medium sized business owners. Food items are for the big companies.

How to Import from China?

Importing goods from China is not at all a challenging task. The entire procedure can be categorized into few simple steps.

Step1- Identify the products and items you want to import

Step2- Negotiate with the suppliers from China in a legal way( According to the Chinese import law)

Step3- Select a freight forwarder to transport your items to the port

Step4- Find a customs broker to clear the items once they arrive at the destination port

China is still the world’s workshop and despite some shrinkage in the volume of exports it is still the default go to when sourcing or outsourcing manufacturing. Chinese market offers the perfect environment for making meaningful connections and forming long-lasting relationships with partners who are just starting to tap into the vast potential of this manufacturing landscape.

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